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  1. To purchase (on your behalf) one detailed CIBIL report known as Consumer Information report (CIR).

  2. To facilitate the compliance and KYC requirements of CIBIL in order to obtain your CIR.

  3. To review and analyze your Credit History and Credit Score as per your CIR.

  4. To identify issues of bad credit history and suggest / advise/ offer consultation to resolve them.

  5. To identify discrepancies on the CIR and suggest / advise / offer consultation to resolve them.

  6. To suggest / advise / offer consultation on the steps and actions to take to improve credit history and credit score.

  7. Credit Repair Services for mutually agreed accounts of concern.

  8. One free CIR offered to customer, customer to specify whether he wants it before the service or at the end of the service.

  9. Up to two CIBIL Dispute IDs are allowed by CIBIL per CIBIL report purchased. Only the first two dispute IDs are offered free with membership. Relevant documentation to be supplied by client before raising disputes so that we can raise them in the first instance itself. Delays in submitting your documentation would require to raise fresh dispute.

  10. In the event of the situation where Financial Institution / Banks / Agencies involved accept to change the status from “Settled / Suit Filed / Wilful Default / Bankruptcy / PO(WO)Settled / Written Off to “Closed” or “Null” status, we will inform you the applicable CIBIL Masking / Clearance amount after negotiating with Financial Institutions / Banks / Agencies involved for your specific Account/s of concern. Payment has to be made by you in the same month for the specified amount to be valid.

  11. Financial institutions typically take 60 – 90 working days for each account of concern after the date of payment made to them for changes to be reflected in their database.

  12. CIBIL typically takes 45 – 60 days for dispute resolution of valid issues after banks have made changes to their database.

  13. It is the discretion of the Financial Institution / Banks to accept our proposal for changing the status. Banks may also refuse to reopen any settled accounts. Any such actions by the banks should / cannot be considered as deficiency in our services. Our services are mainly to advise and suggest the right actions to be taken to improve your Credit standing or Rating.

  14. If the financial institutions do not adhere to their stated commitments / processing time, we will help escalate the issue to the corresponding ombudsman. Delays by Financial institutions cannot be considered as deficiency in Credit Consultant services.

  15. Resolution time is also dependent on customer providing valid documents / funds requested by financial institutions needed by us to resolve the issue.

  16. Service offered to customer is based on the CIR from major credit bureaus in India. We will recommend services based on the CIR and will be mentioned on the CH summary sent to you during the service. Few Accounts with negative flags might not be visible on CIR, Which will not be mentioned in CH Summary. Issues on such cases might not be resolved, as we will not be able to give service recommendations for those account details which are not visible on CIR. Such cases cannot be considered as deficiency in our services. Customer to provide CIR report from bank, in such cases. Issue resolution time will further extent for such accounts. CIR from bank might impact the current Credit score negatively.

  17. Fast track issue resolution means services offered on priority basis. Financial institution delay or Credit Bureau or other delays of any kind cannot be considered as deficiency in our fast track service.

  18. Client escalation with description of issue to, if no response is received from assigned service team member within 7 working days per request.

  19. Credit approval and sanctioning is dependent on the respective bank and financial institutions credit policy and document verification.

  20. In the event that the bureau / credit institution mandate to receive customer requests via email directly from the customer email id, we will assist in formulating the content of their expected response and request you to forward the same to the bureau / credit institution.

  21. Service / plan duration means the duration in which service / plan can be upgraded. After completion of service / plan duration, enrollment fee need to be paid again for the same type of service.

  22. Service will start only after the complete payment of the service amount for part payments.

  23. Complete part payments (of the total service / plan amount) need to be completed within 30 days from the enrollment of service, or service / plan will be expired without refund and enrollment fee need to be paid again for the same type of service.

  24. Any legal dispute is subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Bangalore.

  25. This agreement shall be applicable to any person visiting /accessing the Website and/or a Customer entering into an agreement related to availing of the service offered by MaxFin Care Services.

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